Burglary Fail: Mesa Thief Arrested for Botched Burglary After Getaway Car Wouldn't Start

Sometimes you just don't have time to call AAA -- for example, if you're in the process of burglarizing a house, someone sees you, and your getaway car won't start -- which is exactly what happened to a pair of thieves in Mesa yesterday morning.

According to the Mesa Police Department, two burglars tried to bust into a house near Lindsay and Broadway roads in Mesa about 9:30 a.m. yesterday.

The two were seen backing their car into the driveway of the home, walking to a side door, and trying to kick it in.

Neighbors, meanwhile, were watching the whole thing.

The pair of would-be thieves realized they were being watched and abandoned their plans of burglarizing the house. The two men jumped back in their vehicle and tried to flee -- but the car wouldn't start.

The two men, now realizing a vehicular getaway was out of the question, tried to flee on foot.

One of the men, 19-year-old Jesus Mendoza, Jr, was seen by responding officers trying to jump over a wall at Mesa High School. He was arrested and will be charged with burglary, the department says.

The other suspect has not yet been located.

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