Usually The Nation's full of shit, but not with this cover.

Bush's Menu for State of the Union: Really Lame Duck

I'm not inclined to bitch about Duh!bya like the billion other whiney-ass libs on the Web. After all, I'm self-aware enough to know that what some blogger writes about the biggest American military mistake since Vietnam is worth less than a hill of javelina poo. Still, since seeing Sen. Jon Kyl on TeeVee last night talking about what a stirring speech the Prez gave in his State of the Union, and with Bush-fuckers like Dumbass Darrell Ankar-low Brow on KTAR 92.3 FM yapping up the Shrub's message on Iraq as being strong, I really feel the need to ask, "Can I have a hit off that crack pipe, gentlemen?" Whew! Last night was a monumental snooze-fest, with Bush almost begging, in regards to his Iraq "surge," sniff, please, purty please, "give it a chance to work"...

I'm sorry, but does anyone remember the "Mission Accomplished" banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln back in 2003? So now, 3,000-plus dead in-country later, no WMDs, sectarian violence, and Iran and Korea with nuke programs that Iraq never had, and Bush figures 21,500 more troops will do the trick? Sorry, Darrell. Sorry, Sen. Kyl. But that's not a strong or stirring message. Especially with the please-give-it-a-chance tag.

Look, I protested this Iraq venture before it even got started, but since then, I've ceased to care, save to point out how ludicrous it all is from time to time. What I got from Duh!bya's message is the war's going to roll on, and who knows? Maybe by the time of the next Presidential election, we'll be talking about 6,000-plus American dead, or more.

The wing-nuts on the radio this morning were talking about how many times Speaker Nancy Pelosi (their favorite whipping dog these days) blinked during the speech. Sure, she blinks a lot, but mainly by comparison to Sith Lord Cheney who never blinks! Jeez, the guy's like a lizard. I almost expected a giant snake tongue to unfurl from his port-hole at any moment and flick out one of Pelosi's eyes...

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