Butt-Grabber Targeting Women at Fry's Grocery Stores in Tempe, Police Say

Some creep in Tempe is grabbing butts (again).

It may seem like a strange way for a butt-grabber to operate, but Tempe police say three women have now reported the assaults -- at three different Fry's grocery stores.

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Police believe the same guy is responsible for all three assaults (all three video-surveillance stills can be seen at the end of this post).

On two occasions, the guy was wearing a black shirt with a spider on it, and police say he wore a baseball hat with an "A" on it during each attack.

There isn't much of a description of the guy, or his vehicle, which was described as a "newer SUV," silver in color.

Police ask that you call them at 480-350-8311 if you know anything about the guy.

As locals may recall, this isn't the first guy to grope multiple people in the area.

For more than a year between 2010 and 2011, a guy groped nearly a dozen women on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University.

Coincidentally, the suspect sought in the recent groping incidents isn't the only creep who's visited Fry's grocery stores recently.

On Friday, New Times reported the arrest of Timothy Millet, who was caught after he tried to take a video under a woman's dress at the Fry's on the corner of Warner Road and Cooper Road in Gilbert, according to police.

Police said Millet, a Nabisco employee who spends a lot of time in Fry's locations, "admitted that he had a sexual addiction and has taken thousands of photos and videos of random women on his cell phone."

Police discovered "hundreds" of these photos and videos on his phone, from several different Fry's locations, according to the documents.

He usually followed them from the store into the parking lot, according to police.

Most of the photos and videos "are focused on the buttocks" of the women, according to court documents, but this just appears to be a creepy coincidence, with the latest incident of a butt-obsessed Fry's shopper.

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