Cab Driver Convicted in Gas Station Argument That Turned Into A Hit And Run

Cab driver Joseph Goldmeer was convicted by a jury yesterday on three counts of aggravated assault, stemming from a July incident in which Goldmeer ended an argument at a Phoenix gas station by running a guy over in his cab, according to a court spokesperson.

Police weren't even sure the 45-year-old victim was going to live the day after the incident, as Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos said he was "fighting for his life."

The cops were called around 3 p.m. on June 26, as they responded to a hit and run at a Circle K convenience store near 15th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Witnesses told police they watched as the cab driver and the unnamed victim argued inside the store before taking the argument to the parking lot.

Phoenix police did not elaborate on the nature of the dispute at the time, but witnesses gave a couple variations of what happened on the day of the incident.

"They hit him because they got in an argument because of some kids. The kids were in there getting hot dogs or something," one witness told KPHO that day.

Another witness told CBS 5 the argument started after the victim told Goldmeer he wanted a ride, but Goldmeer said he was already going to pick someone up.

Either way, all the witnesses police spoke to recounted an argument in the gas station, which led to an argument outside of the gas station, and ended with Goldmeer mowing the man over while he was walking through the parking lot.

Police tracked down Goldmeer after surveillance footage revealed the name of the cab company on his taxi.

The company led police to Goldmeer, who was arrested in Gilbert after dropping off another fare.

Goldmeer didn't give detectives any details or motives after being arrested, police said at the time.

Goldmeer's sentencing is scheduled for March 7.

James King contributed to this report.

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