Canadian Kid Arrested Again for Saying He'll Kill Joe Arpaio

The Canadian teenager accused of threatening to kill Sheriff Joe Arpaio was arrested again for -- you guessed it -- threatening to kill Arpaio.

The youngster, whose name hasn't been released throughout this whole saga, apparently utilized a "contact us" form on the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office website to leave his latest message.

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"I hate you so much that I'm going to kill you with my glock," the message said, according to the MCSO. "Rest easy."

In typical fashion, Arpaio issued a press release to continue the narrative that his life's in constant danger.

However, this time, Arpaio put out a statement kind of acknowledging that the kid's probably not going to come kill him:

"This suspect has serious issues, obviously. And while he may not come so far to kill me, he may be twisted enough to commit some act of violence closer to home. If that comes to pass, the court will have to explain why it didn't do more to prevent this person from committing harm when all the signs where obviously there."

According to the MCSO, the last time the kid was arrested, he was released from jail without even having to post bond.

The e-mails he was arrested for on that occasion were a bit stronger than the most recent one.

In a first e-mail, the youngster referred to Arpaio as a "massive dickhead," and a "dick-sucking shitface," and said he'd murder Arpaio's whole family.

According to the MCSO, the teenager sent another e-mail, saying he was in Phoenix and was going to shoot Arpaio and his "ugly as hell wife."

That e-mail, like the others, was posted from the kid's computer in Alberta.

This time, Arpaio is saying that he wants the kid kept locked up:

The Royal Mounted Police arrested the suspect on this third threat and strongly advised him against contacting Sheriff Arpaio or the office in general. The teen is slated to appear in court later this week on the new charges. Both the Royal Mounted Police and the sheriff believe the best result would be to incarcerate this teen and get him help.

Read Arpaio's press release on the next page.

Canadian Suspect Threatens to Kill Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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