Candidates Offer Voters Rides to the Polls, Assistance in Returning Early Ballots

Mmmm... the aroma of Election Day is in the air.

Candidates were wiping the political mud-stains from their faces, putting on their Sunday best, and making appearances at local polls in hopes that flashing last-minute smiles will tilt the scales in their favor.

Mary Rose Wilcox, candidate for Arizona's 7th Congressional District, was optimistic this afternoon as her campaign volunteers called would-be voters to remind them to head to their nearest voting booth or make sure they've returned their early ballot.

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They were offering to pick up ballots that haven't been returned and give residents rides to the polls.

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Interested in assistance? Call Wilcox's campaign headquarters at (602) 443-1876.

Ruben Gallego, running against Wilcox, was offering residents of District 7 help with voting.

"If you have any questions about voting, call us at (602) 621-7502 and we'll help you out," Gallego said in a e-mail blast inviting supporters to his Election Night party at Club Downtown, 702 N. Central Avenue.

Wilcox and her crew will be at, not surprisingly, El Portal -- the Wilcox's south Phoenix restaurant that's been shuttered for the past several months.

Other candidates in the Democratic primary -- at least Randy Camacho, a social studies teacher and author, plans to keep a low profile and spend the evening at home with family and friends.

We're waiting to hear back from the Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a young civil rights firebrand, who is also in the AZ CD7 race.

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