Captain Joel Fox Defends Reputation On Our Blog, But Leaves Much Unexplained

Nobody likes to be shown up as a liar, especially a law officer who might be called to the witness stand someday and grilled on his credibility by a defense attorney.

So it's no wonder Captain Joel Fox of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has tried to defend himself from our bit of name-calling in one of our July 15 posts. In a hard-hitting New Times article this week, columnist Sarah Fenske says Fox lied to her, too, when he said Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott was not involved with the SCA.

Fox has posted several comments below Fenske's article, and we've responded. If you're hungry for more "details" (and we use the term loosely when describing Fox's supposedly factual accounts), we invite you to peruse these comments.

We were especially interested in:

*How Fox is trying to spin the written statements by Randy Pullen, chairman of the Republican Party.

*Fox's continued silence on who came up with the name "SCA" and what it means.

*Fox's recent claim that although Hendershott gave to the SCA, the SCA's donation to the Republican Party did not contain Hendershott's contribution.

Hendershott and Pullen haven't breathed a whisper in defense of Fox, but perhaps it's time we heard from them, too.

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