Carl Hayden High School Students, Teachers March to Capitol After Class to Protest for Education Opportunities

An estimated crowd of 200 students marched from Carl Hayden High School on 35th Avenue and Roosevelt Street to the State Capitol this afternoon, protesting state Senator Russell Pearce's SB 1160 and the continuing lack of opportunity for undocumented students.


Students were organized by a group at Carl Hayden led by Maria Castro, a junior, in a demonstration similar to last week's. This protest, however, was designed to happen after school, so no one would miss class for the rally.

State Senator Steve Gallardo marched with the students. He talked with New Times about Senate President Pearce, whom he says he feels "sorry for" because Pearce is "consumed" by immigration issues.

Gallardo also pointed out that none of the other Democrats in the Legislature marched -- although all of them would be waiting at the Capitol to get in front of a camera.

It was a determined group of students at the protest, including one freshman girl who marched on crutches with a broken foot. A number of college activists marched with the high school students.

The protest received national attention, as all the local media outlets as well as CNN were waiting at the capitol for the students.


Despite the wave of pending anti-immigration legislation, students we spoke to were optimistic about their situation, saying things would change one step at a time. Gallardo said he is optimistic that Democrats might be able to beat back some of the legislation, though he does not want to get anyone's hopes up.

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