Carrie Prejean's Loss of Crown Means Miss Arizona Could Become Miss USA, Say Pageant Officials

Chance may crown her.

Thanks to missteps by Carrie Prejean that led to her firing by Donald Trump, Miss Arizona 2009, Alicia-Monique Blanco, could become Miss USA by default -- as we suspected.

It's a longshot that depends on what happens to the current Miss USA, Kristen Dalton, say Miss Universe pageant officials.





Blanco was 2nd runner-up in the April 19 Miss USA pageant, edged out by Carrie Prejean -- the 1st runner-up -- and Dalton. Prejean has been replaced by Tami Farrell as Miss California, but Farrell doesn't automatically slip into the 1st-runner-up position for Miss USA, explains Tricia Langa, director of domestic licensing for Miss Universe.

Blanco doesn't get to be 1st runner-up, either -- that position is sort of dormant now, with Prejean gone, Langa says.

However, being 2nd runner-up still puts Blanco in position for a shot at the Miss USA crown. If Dalton was, for some reason, unable to perform her duties as Miss USA, the crown goes to Blanco.

Better for all involved would be if Dalton gets crowned Miss Universe on August 23. In that case, says Langa, Miss Arizona would be Miss USA until next year's national pageant.

As they say, it ain't over till it's over.

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