Arizona spin-doctor Jason Rose
Arizona spin-doctor Jason Rose

Cash Seems to be King for Mayor Phil's New Political Flack, GOPer Jason Rose

As the saying often goes, politics certainly makes for some interesting bedfellows, and from the looks of things, PR whiz Jason Rose has got the biggest bed in town.

Rose has ties to Sheriff Arpaio, County Attorney Andy Thomas, and based on a seven degrees of Jason Rose chart compiled by New Times staffers last year, he can even be linked to Richard Nixon, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Wonder Woman.

The newest acquisition to Rose's stable is Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, a Democrat, who turned to the prominently GOP spinster for damage-control after some pesky journalists, including New Times' Sarah Fenske, started asking questions about the mayor's girlfriend/fundraiser, Elissa Mullany.

The relationship has prompted the Sonoran Alliance to ask a terrific question: Who does Jason Rose work for? How could a person with personal ties to the sheriff, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, and the county attorney hop into bed with their political foe and come out unscathed? The answer: Bling, bling, baby.

Just this past Saturday, Rose -- with the help of Arpaio -- managed to raise more than $110,000 to help pay legal bills Hayworth acquired while defending himself from ties to disgraced D.C. lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The fundraiser was even at Rose's Paradise Valley home. With the ability to throw together that kind of cash, not only is Rose an asset to the GOP, but he's also someone they maybe don't want to piss off.

As for Phil's willingness to hire someone with such close ties to Arpaio, there's one simple answer: Despite the unsavory bunch he is often working for, the guy's apparently good at what he does.

Take his shameless promotion of political rookie and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker. Rose has taken a political nobody and hyped him into a somewhat legitimate candidate for governor.

Just look at the story in the Arizona Republic today. It's not about a possible conflict of interest with the mayor and his girlfriend, it's about Gordon calling for a "review of political ties to girlfriend."

Spin-and-spun -- compliments of Mr. Jason Rose.


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