Casslyn Welch Missing Finger on Her Smokin'-Hand; Latest on Arizona Prison Escapees

The longer Arizona fugitives Casslyn Welch and her would-be cous-band, John McCluskey, are on the run, the more tidbits of information we find out about the first-cousins, who also plan to marry (yep, we're gonna beat the incest drum until it breaks).

The latest news: one is missing part of a finger, and the other has some dental issues.

Authorities released new details today about the incestuous duo's physical appearance including McCluskey having a fairly-visible missing tooth and the fact that Welch is missing most of her right index finger.

Apparently the finger is on her smokin' hand (to be read with hint of hillbilly twang) because authorities say she often holds cigarettes between her right middle and right ring fingers.

Given previous reports that Welch looked "crazy...like a meth addict," we figured she'd be the one missing a few teeth. As far as we know, though, she's got all her chompers.

McCluskey's also got some tattoos, which you can see below.

Below is a new shot of McCluskey's mug. That gaping hole in his mouth is where a tooth should go.

Anyone with info on the whereabouts of the cous-friends is asked to call

911 or the Arizona Department of Corrections at 602-542-1212.


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