Cat That Spawned Social Media Frenzy Saved After Three Days Atop Arizona Power Pole

Breaking news, guys.

After three harrowing days spent mewing for help, a cat stuck atop a Phoenix power pole has been rescued. 

Well, actually, the Salt River Project employee dispatched to rescue it scared it — so it ran down the pole on its own, said Kathleen Mascarenas, an SRP media relations representative. It then ran off into an alley and onto what we will assume is a happy life. 

The power company typically gets between four and five calls about stranded cats a year, she said, but usually doesn't send out a cherry-picker. Instead, it advises concerned residents to make the bottom of the pole as "cat friendly" as possible by trying to entice it to come down with a bowl of milk or a snack. 

"If the cat crawled its way up there, it can crawl its way down," she said. 

Naturally, though, when news of the cat's plight broke, the Internet was shocked and appalled. 

Someone suggested calling in the fire department. (Just a few days ago the team managed to rescue a cat from a chimney, after all). Then, there was a tense moment when it was discovered the kitty was in SRP territory and ABC 15 reported that "SRP is NOT committing to make contact with the cat." 

So the Internet piled the guilt on the SRP.

And SRP dispatched someone to the location. 


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.