Cats High-Five Each Other, KPHO's on Location to Tell it Like it Is

There's apparently a chupacabra shortage over at KPHO, because the TV station is "telling it like it is" about a new animal phenomenon -- high-fiving cats.

Here's the entire story: A bobcat was on a guy's porch in Cave Creek. One of the guy's house cats goes up to the glass door, and at one point, it looks like the bobcat and the house cat high-five each other with the glass between them.

In a story the KPHO anchor says "we just have to share," the TV station's coverage of high-fiving cats is absolutely incredible: Three different videos on the high-five on the station's website, on-location reporting, an interview with the homeowner -- and the homeowner's re-enactment -- and the "back story."

Get this -- it was also Friday the 13th, which was mentioned twice in the online version.

There's no follow-up story from KPHO as of yet, but we would assume it would tackle the issue of whether cats allegedly rule, and dogs allegedly drool.

We're not even sure where to file the public records request to get the official number of people who had their minds blown as a result of these high-fiving cats.

If you're ready to overdose on awesome, proceed to the video below:

To KPHO's credit, house cats and bobcats have both been confirmed as being real things, as opposed to the three chupacabras the station has found in the last year.

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