CBS 5 News Reports on the Fight to Save the Career Criminal Squad

CBS 5's Peter Busch did a segment for last night's news on the fight to save the Career Criminal Squad, a squad of four detectives and one sergeant that goes undercover to investigate street-level hate crimes and murder-for-hire cases.

I decried the impending disbandment of this squad in last week's Bird column, "Hate Squad on Hold," and in this week's column, where I interviewed one of the people the CCS has saved, Jana Rozenman

Rozenman's ex-husband took out a hit on her, and was brought to justice by the CCS. He's now facing life in prison.

The CBS 5 piece talks to Ann Malone, a Phoenix community activist who's taken on the fight to save the elite unit. 

In the write-up on CBS 5's Web site, Malone calls CCS "the Navy Seals of the Phoenix Police Department" and is aghast at the prospect that these men, with their expertise, are looking at being put back out on patrol.

We all should be. Hate crime is up 30 percent in Phoenix, and CCS is the squad that goes after the people who commit these violent assaults on gays, blacks, Hispanics and others.

Malone's activism is to be commended, and I'm glad CBS 5 is following the story. Perhaps it's not late to spare the squad from disbandment. 

The economic reasons don't hold water. Do the cost-benefit analysis and look at all of the people this squad has taken off the street. There's no reason CCS should be facing a budget ax.

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