Certain ASU Students Skipping Dorms For Luxurious Condos; Must Be Nice

The days where bunk-beds and communal bathrooms were the norm for incoming college freshman are over for hundreds of ASU students who decided to skip the dorms and move into luxury apartments.

Why not, right?

The Vue on Apache, which sits directly across from ASU's Tempe campus, is set to open on Friday morning, and will be filled with up-and-coming Sun Devils.

The new posh pads are open to anyone, but are geared toward college kids and their parents' credit cards.

The apartment building offers students 11 floors of luxury suites with amenities like floor-to-ceiling windows, large balconies, and all the bells and whistles of a condo designed for young professionals.

If the idea of college students living higher on the hog than you is enraging, wait; it gets, um,  better.

The building is equipped with a fully loaded gym with cable television built-in, a rooftop pool (with a waterfall, of course) and each of the 132 rooms comes fully furnished, including flat-screen televisions mounted to walls. There are saunas, and a tanning beds.

We can't have students going home for Thanksgiving break all pasty, now can we?!

Developer J.J. Smith invites students to "join the party," and says the place just screams luxury. How conducive to a proper learning environment!

Smith says the building offers several different floor plans to meet the needs of the swanky students.

"We're averaging about $630 for the five-bedroom units, per person, and for the one-bedroom and studios, it's a little over $1,000," Smith says.

At some point, Smith hopes to be able to offer tenants room service.

And they say ASU's no longer a party school...

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