Chandler Student Who Planned to Set Teacher on Fire (Or Cut Out her Tongue, Drown Her, Or Run Her Over With Truck) Gets Lengthy Suspension

A junior high school student in Chandler will have to sit out the entire semester after she and a few friends jotted down some plans about how to best murder their language arts teacher earlier this year.

Some of the ideas that made the students' list (which you can see below) include cutting out the teacher's tongue, tying a brick around her neck and dropping her in a pool, and setting her on fire.

The Santan Junior High students, four girls and one boy, ages 12 and 13, eqach face criminal charges of threatening and intimidating for the threats against the teacher.

The Chandler Unified School Board met last week to discuss one of the the female student's suspension. It determined that it agreed with the ruling of a previous hearing that the girl should be suspended for the remainder of the semester, which is the same punishment the other students involved received.

Worried the eighth-grader will fall behind, the board is allowing the girl to finish the semester at another school within the district.

According to the Arizona Republic, which spoke with the girl's family, she will probably be moved to Payne Junior High School.

See the letter the students wrote below.

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