Chandler Thug Stabs Bar Patron for Absolutely No Reason; Charged With Attempted Murder

A Chandler thug is behind bars after attacking a man with a knife in the parking lot of the El Coyote Bar for no apparent reason.

Ernesto Rascon, 24, wasn't trying to rob the victim. The victim hadn't slept with his girlfriend. Rascon, it seems, was just being a dick to a guy he didn't even know.

Chandler police got a call shortly after 2 a.m. yesterday that a man had been stabbed outside the bar.

The victim, who had been at the bar with his wife and sister, was leaving with the two women when the stabbing occurred.

As the three got to the car to leave, the two women decided to go back inside to use the bathroom -- leaving the victim outside standing next to his car.

That's when, for no apparent reason, Rascon decided to fuck with him.

Rascon, court records obtained by New Times show, approached the victim and tried to start a fight. The victim, not wanting to get into with the punk, tried to "diffuse the situation" by telling Rascon he didn't want to fight and was only waiting for his wife.

Rascon was hell-bent on trouble, though, and stabbed the victim four times as the wife and sister walked out of the bar.

Rascon then ran off, heading north through an alleyway on East Oakland Street in Chandler.

Having been stabbed four times, the victim told his wife he thought he was going to die and to take him to a hospital.

Cops got to the scene and found a large amount of blood in the parking lot. Also in the parking lot was Rascon's car, a red Geo Coupe, and bar security identified him as the man involved in the altercation.

With cars go license plates, which officers were able to track back to Rascon's home address.

Police found Rascon home with blood all over his hands and clothes. He admitted to cops he'd been in a fight, but told them it wasn't at El Coyote.

Too bad for Rascon, the victim identified him in a photo lineup, and cops found the keys to the Geo at his apartment -- not to mention his bloody shirt, which he had changed before talking to police.

Rascon was booked into Maricopa County jail on one count of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of first-degree attempted murder. The victim is expected to survive.

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