Charges Won't Be Filed Against Former Valley Swim Coach Greg Winslow

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced yesterday that sex-abuse charges won't be filed against former University of Utah swim coach Greg Winslow.

Winslow, who was just recently let go from his post in Utah, was accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl while he was the coach of a high-school-age swim team that practices at Arizona State University.

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ASU police filed the case against Winslow, and the subsequent story was broken by writers for a website called Concussion Inc.. The report details allegations of Winslow kissing and fondling a girl from 2006 to 2007, starting when the girl was 15 years old. Winslow was the coach of the Sun Devil Aquatic Club, which isn't an affiliate of ASU but does use ASU's swimming facility.

"After a careful review of the information contained in the investigation, we determined that there was sufficient cause to seek an indictment in this matter," County Attorney Montgomery says in a statement. "However, we were unable to meet the necessary burden of proof required to move forward with formal charges. Absent additional information which could support these or other allegations, we will not pursue this matter further."

A spokesman for Montgomery told New Times when the story broke that ASU police recommended two sexual-abuse charges against Winslow.

The victim, a Valley native whom New Times and the writers at Concussion Inc. have not named, developed a substance-abuse problem that led preceded a suicide attempt, her father told the Concussion Inc. writers.

Now 22, the alleged victim also followed Winslow to Utah for swimming but ended up transferring to a different university, and had managed to rack up several arrests in Scottsdale during that apparent period of self-destructive behavior.

Police did get a recorded confrontation call between Winslow and the woman, but that apparently wasn't enough, although it did take a little longer than average for the County Attorney's Office to make a determination on the charges.

According to ESPN, the University of Utah has since hired a new coach, instead of renewing Winslow's contract, and Winslow's still the subject of a University investigation "into allegations of physical abuse and inappropriate behavior."

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