Charity event draws half-naked ASU students

By Aja Viafora

Bare chested and booty-short wearing students flocked to the first-ever Arizona State University Undie Run. About 1000 half-naked Sun Devils gathered at College and University Tuesday just after 11 p.m. There were live bands, wild hair and hats, Speedos, lingerie and plenty of Sun Devil pride.

Watch a slideshow from the event.

“We'll take our clothes off and have a wild party,” Rubin Green, ASU junior and event organizer said.

Students took this opportunity, which was advertised through a Facebook invite, to celebrate the last day of classes for the Spring 2008 semester.

“I was a little disappointed that a fight broke out... other than that, great event,” said Green, who didn't get to run in his own event because of the altercation. He stayed behind to talk to the cops and almost got arrested, he said.

The event drew a mob of wildly enthusiastic runners. They seemed too sloshed for their own good, despite the slogan for the event, “Say no to drugs. Say yes to Undie Run.”

This run was created to be a statement against University control. It celebrated classes being over and finals about to begin. By stripping down and donating clothes to Tempe's needy, the event not only brought about school spirit but a philanthropic aspect as well.

“I tried to make it a good night,” Green said. “Let's get together and let's make it a community event.”

Students certainly realized the fun and impact of the event.

“This is history in the making,” Tom Bennett said.

The massive turn-out of vivacious bodies surprised everyone.

“This turned out to be a lot better than expected,” Michael Struening said.

First-place winner of the race, Dylan Hatcher looked sweaty, yet he said he was ready to go on a search for ladies in the crowd. He runs track and was glad to run the event with his friends.

“Man it was good!” Hatcher said.

(Watch video of the run.)

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