by Pikaluk, from Wikimedia Commons
Mad cow: Not a fan of Kent Knudson.

Charles Goyette: Free at last!

Charles Goyette's name is finally off the website. The 911 deniers have fought since Thursday to keep his name and pic on their site as a "Confirmed Speaker," even though Goyette has been saying since that time that he did not confirm with them and would not attend their conference. First they, ahem, "lose" their Conference Director, Holocaust denier Eric Williams, and now they're forced to concede Goyette. The KFNX 1100 AM morning host was one of the biggest names on their roster, and at last he's flown their kooky coop.

All in all, it's been a rough weekend for the deniers. Yet, there are other nuts in the pile ready to be exposed. ScrewLooseChange is suggesting there's another Holocaust denier on the list of speakers, and I have a hunch as to the culprit's identity. Moreover, on Monday we'll also discover what punishment Knudson received regarding his felony conviction for shooting a cow on his Snowflake property. As Drudge might say, "Developing..."

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