He won't be there: Goyette's gonna take a pass on this one.

Charles Goyette Says No to 9/11 Conference

Charles Goyette, morning host at KFNX 1100 AM, called me today to tell me that he had not confirmed his appearance at the Chandler 9/11 Accountability Conference to take place late February, and that in fact he had decided not to attend the conference at all.

"I'm not speaking at their deal," said Goyette, still listed as a "confirmed speaker" at 911accountability.org as of this posting. "They've asked me repeatedly. I'm not upset that I'm on their list, but they know I'm not one of their confirmed speakers."

Goyette said that he had joked that if the organizers got Linda Ronstadt to speak, he would too, but that he had never given them the green light even though "they keep beseeching me," according to the talk jock.

I called Kent Knudson, listed as "Conference Programming Development" for the conference, and he at first said that "He (Goyette) tells people different things." But when I pressed him on it, he said he'd take Goyette's name off the Web site. Knudson also took issue with my characterization of Williams as the leader of the conference. "I'm the leader," claimed Knudson, though Williams is still listed as "Webmaster / Conference Director" on the contact page of their site.

Above is a pic of Goyette I got from the 9/11 Accountability site. (They apparently snipped it from the 1100 KFNX site.) Goyette was one of the bigger names on their list of confirmed speakers. It'll be interesting to see if others drop out of this kookfest after news of Williams' Holocaust denying book spreads.

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