Remember those stuffy lawyers who whined recently about the "noise" from the city's noontime concerts in PATRIOTS SQUARE interfering with their "billable hours"? "They're humbugs--that's what I call them," says SUSAN TRAVIS, a downtown law-firm receptionist who loves the idea of music in the park. "It's something to look forward to in the morning. It's a good gathering place and you meet new people there. It's like a real city. You go back to work with a cheerful, happy attitude." The summer heat has ended the music season at the park for now, but when it gets cooler, there'd better be music. Or it'll get really hot. Travis, fearing a petition drive to stop the concerts, did something about it--working strictly on her own. She simply placed her own petitions at the counters of the park's food kiosks and in only two months got 2,600 signatures of support for the music. Travis recently sent the petitions to City Hall but hasn't heard anything yet. Good job, Susan. . . . Pardon us, but CBS missed the boat last week when it tried to have a little fun with ROSE MOFFORD. When the lame-duck governor was called to jury duty, the network's CHARLES OSGOOD didn't know how good he had it. He cracked that Mofford couldn't serve on a jury because, as governor, she has pardon power. Brother, does she ever! Osgood didn't know about Mofford's ludicrous pardon of killers a while back. Maybe we could make a deal: Just have Mofford serve on juries for the rest of her term and have somebody else play at being governor. . . . Speaking of bigwigs and hypocrisy, who's going to deliver the booze this year to otherwise-dry SUN DEVIL STADIUM for the exclusive pleasure of skybox dwellers at PHOENIX CARDINALS games? Last year, everybody was persecuted for doing it, including the liquor sellers who were told by ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY to deliver the goods. The only people who escaped were the university people themselves. What kind of scummy arrangement will be made this year to ensure that only society twits can get soused at the stadium? . . . Miracle on First Avenue! Nobody's happy with the sordid case of JERRY and DARLENE SPAN, the siblings convicted in federal court for "assaulting" two U.S. marshals who were trying to make a wrong bust. We recently showed pictures of one gross lawman squashing the Spans and reported that five unhappy jurors said they had no choice but to convict the Spans because of Judge ROBERT BROOMFIELD's instructions to them. But Broomfield pulled a shocker when he waived federal sentencing guidelines last week and put the Spans on probation instead of throwing them in the slammer. Now the prosecutor is unhappy, the Spans aren't going to jail but they still plan to appeal their convictions, and there's still this question: Why were the Spans prosecuted in the first place?--


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