Chicago Cubs Say They're Stickin' With Mesa -- Assuming the City Can Come Up With the Cash

It's not officially official yet, but if ESPN's Chicago insider, Bruce Levine, is right, which he often is, the Cubs have chosen Mesa as their first choice for their new spring-training facility

Suck on that, Charlie Crist.

The Cubs have spent the last several months deciding whether they would remain in Mesa or move their training facilities to Naples, Florida. According to Levine, and several other Chicago-based news outlets, the Cubs have decided to stay in Mesa if that city can build a new facility about seven miles east of the current stadium at Hohokam Park.

The new facilities are expected to cost about $80 million, but with the Cubs bringing an estimated $52 million a year to the local economy, it seems like a wise investment.

The stadium is expected to hold anywhere from 15,000 to 18,000 people and will be within walking distance of what is described as "Wrigleyville," to be a collection of bars and restaurants designed to give people the illusion of the "Windy City," only without the wind.

Mesa will have to come up with the money first, though, something that may or may not be a problem depending on the terms of the deal. If the city can't get the cash, the Cubs probably would go back to developers in Naples and build the facility there.


At which point, the honorable Governor Charlie Crist will get our must humble apology.

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