Child Rapist Who Escaped Courtroom Still at Large; Court Posts Videos and Pictures of Escape Scenes

The Maricopa County Superior Court today posted photos on the Internet of a holding room occupied by child rapist Adrian Cruz until his escape, plus surveillance video Cruz heading for the court building's exit.

Click here to see the page with the photos and video links. In the second video (from which the screen grab above was taken), you can see Cruz step out of an elevator and walk towards the exit of the East Court building at 101 W. Jefferson Street.

Cruz had already been sentenced to life for raping and impregnating a 9-year-old and was on trial for another sex crime when deputies let him slip away from a holding room in the court building at 201 E. Jefferson. He hasn't been seen since Tuesday. His victims are terrified.

Media reports today quote Chief Deputy Dave Trombi of the sheriff's office saying Cruz had been put in a holding room, handcuffed to a chain on the floor and left alone by the deputies. Possibly, Trombi said, Cruz used a paper clip or staple to jiggle the handcuff lock open.

As reported in this blog yesterday, Cruz then slipped into court commissioner David Cunanan's chambers and stole the official's black leather jacket, which he can be seen wearing in the videos.

So far, it looks like a clean getaway.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.