Feathered Bastard

Chris Simcox Wants to Personally Cross-Examine Child Victims in Upcoming Trial

Alleged child molester, ex-Minuteman jefe, and one-time Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris Simcox is demanding that a Maricopa County superior court judge allow him to interrogate his alleged child victims in an upcoming trial.

In a recently filed motion, Simcox, 54, rejected the county attorney's attempt to shield the girls, now aged 7 and 8 (one of them Simcox's own daughter) from direct cross-examination by the disgraced nativist.

Simcox now is acting as his own attorney in the case, with the assistance of two "advisory counsel" from the county legal defender's office.

In response to Simcox's February decision to represent himself, prosecutor Yigael Cohen asked the court to allow the children to be questioned by Simcox's advisory counsel, so as to avoid further traumatizing the children, while respecting the rights of the accused.

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