Christmas Comes Early for Phoenix Man (Problem Is, "Christmas" Is His Ex-Girlfriend's Name, and She Robbed Him)

Here's the kind of Christmas that nobody celebrates -- an ex-girlfriend named Christmas who shows up to your house with a friend who's pointing a gun at your head and demanding money.

Indeed, police say 21-year-old Christmas Snow Pringle -- a real name, according to several court filings -- did this for a score of 160 whole dollars and lied about the whole thing no less than 10 times, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The man who got robbed told police that he had a previous relationship with Christmas Snow Pringle and often gave her money.

In March, he agreed to give her money, and she showed up to his house, took it, and left. Christmas Snow then returned with a guy, and the victim invited them both inside his house so the guy could use the bathroom.

According to the documents, this fellow came out of the bathroom, and pulled out a gun, which he pointed at the victim.

The man demanded the victim's property, at which point he got $160.

Christmas Snow later sent a text to the victim, saying she called police, and the guy who just pointed a gun at him had been arrested, the documents state.

She told the man the robber's name was Ricardo.

Christmas Snow Pringle wasn't arrested until last week, but when police interviewed Christmas Snow Pringle, she had a different story.

She changed her story several times about who she knew, and what she knew./

Christmas Snow Pringle admitted that, no, she never called the police but then claimed that she thought she did.

When police read her the text message to the victim, telling him the robber had been arrested, she said someone else sent that message.

If you're starting to think that Christmas Snow Pringle may have not told the truth to police, it seems that police agree.

"During the interview with a detective, [Christmas Snow Pringle] acted as though she had a severe speech impediment and indicated it was due to her mental handicap," a probable-cause statement says. "It should be known, prior to the interview with the detective, [Christmas Snow Pringle] had no signs of a speech impediment or mental handicap when dealing with officers."

Police weren't able to identify the guy who did the robbing by the time Christmas Snow Pringle was arrested. She was booked into jail on an armed-robbery charge.

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