"Chronic Future - Killing Cancer" Documentary and Cannabis Science, Inc., Promote Pot as Cancer Cure; Film Blasted by Pot Club

The makers of a new documentary have teamed up with Cannabis Science, Inc., a Colorado firm, to promote the idea that marijuana can cure many types of cancer.

"Chronic Future - Killing Cancer," a 76-minute film by local guys Henry Miller and Corey Pritchard, is scheduled to premiere tomorrow (Thursday) at Harkins Theater Shea 14.

Originally planned to be called "Chronic Future - the 2811 Story," the film features the activities of medical-marijuana-marketer Al Sobol and the 2811 Club, LLC., one of the clubs we told you about last year that arose from the chaos of Governor Jan Brewer's decision to stall the roll-out of voter-approved dispensaries. Sobol's place was raided by Phoenix police in October while Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Dean Fink pondered the legality of such clubs in response to a lawsuit filed against them by state Attorney General Tom Horne. That case is still pending.

Sobol, known for his attention-getting antics, sent out an e-mail a couple of days ago blasting the movie and apologizing to his friends and associates for being "scammed" by the filmmakers.

"The producers rented the theater for a night to show the movie as part of a grand marketing scheme to sell Hemp Oil," Sobol wrote. "I fear these marketers, like the snake oils salesman before them, are selling nothing more than false hope for presumably big bucks. That is cruel for the people that suffer with real diseases."

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