City of Phoenix Trying to Unload All Its Old Crap; Fire Trucks and Prison Vans Included

Need a fire truck? How about a dump truck? Maybe you could use some old gas pumps? If so, you're in luck. Tomorrow, the city of Phoenix is holding its quarterly rummage sale, and these are exactly some of the items on the auction block.

Every three months the city holds auctions to unload some of its junk:

"Typically, a fire truck would be bought by a private company and refurbished," city Supplies Supervisor Mark Townsend tells New Times. "A public person can buy it and take it up to their farm in Payson if they want; we don't care. We sell to the highest bidder."

Townsend says he expects the fire trucks to go for about $10,000 but says, like everything, the dreadful economy could cause some lower bids.

Also on the block is a fully equipped prison van ( restraints, securely locking doors, no windows). Hmmm, seems perfect for rapists, or parents of unruly kids.

Townsend says most of the stuff is in decent shape, but "the city has gotten its money's worth."

Anyone interested in playing fireman or needing to transport someone against their will is encouraged to check out this Web site. 

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