CLARIFICATION: Gary Karpin Jr. is NOT Gary "Dr. Buzzard" Karpin Sr.

We got a cordial note last night from a guy who identified himself as Gary Karpin Jr., the son of white-collar scammer Gary Karpin Sr.

The elder Karpin (in photo), a disbarred attorney turned divorce "mediator," is serving a long sentence at the Arizona State Prison for stealing from dozens of Valley folks who were trying to get divorced as painlessly as possible.

Here is one of the many stories we wrote about Karpin Sr.

Karpin Jr. told us that he's trying to live his own life quietly, is looking for a job, and is not, repeat, NOT, his dad.

So, anyone who reads this and may have second thoughts about not hiring the son because of the sins of the father, please let Gary Karpin Jr. rise or fall on his own merits, okay? 

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