Clay Duke, Florida School Board Gunman, Was ASU Grad

What do Barry Bonds, Phil Mickelson, and the guy who shot up the school board meeting in Florida yesterday all have in common? They're all Sun Devils.

Turns out, 56-year-old Clay Duke, who fired several rounds at members of the Bay District school board at a meeting near Panama City, Florida, yesterday, graduated from ASU in 1988 with a degree in recreation and tourism management, ASU spokeswoman Julie Newberg confirms to New Times.

Luckily, Duke's aim is about as accurate as Mickelson's when Lefty's putting for birdie, so nobody was hurt -- except Duke, who managed to kill himself after failing to kill anyone else in the room, despite firing about 20 rounds.

The bizarre scene played out yesterday during a meeting of the school board.

In the middle of the meeting, Duke spray painted a giant, V for Vendetta-esque "V" on the wall before pulling out a gun and trying to  shoot several members of the school board.

The whole thing was recorded by cameras filming the meeting. It's pretty wild, check it out below.

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