Club Candids: Got wood?

Hazelwood's 1st Place Sports Grill on Saturday, April 12th.

By: Lilia Menconi

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This weekend, we decided to check out one of those places we’ve passed by a million times but have never bothered to stop in. Rumor has it that Hazelwood’s is loaded with duders, watching sports and busting some brodiac behavior. But we hit it on a Saturday when the karaoke machine was cranking, so the joint was filled with that random weirdo crowd only karaoke can inspire. We didn’t care. As long as the scene was sans bro, we decided to stick around.

Probably due to the ginormous beer steins, everyone seemed to be in good spirits as we buzzed around and snapped photos. With the amateur singing, TV’s blaring, and electronic trivia, it got to be a little over-stimulating, so we eventually had to bail. Or maybe it was just our nagging sobriety that got us down. Sure, one of those gigantic beers would’ve helped, but we had to get behind the wheel for a night of chasing the party dragon. We’ll keep that stein in mind for a night when we’re ready to settle.

Hazelwood's 1st Place Sports Grill, 3626 E Indian School Rd in Phoenix, 602-957-2462, hazelwoodsfirstplace.com

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