Congressional Candidate Randy Camacho: "Stop Fighting, Start Working" Campaign Ad

The top contenders in Arizona's 7th Congressional District, Democrats Mary Rose Wilcox and Ruben Gallego, have launched political attacks on each other since the race got under way. And the war of words has only ramped up as we move close to the August 26 election.

Now, Randy Camacho, a Democrat who has run for Congress in the past and is a long-shot candidate for for the CD7 seat, says it's time to stop fighting and start working.

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Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a Democrat, Jose Peñalosa, an Independent, and Libertarian Joe Cobb are also running for the seat.

During the campaign, former Maricopa County Supervisor Wilcox and former state Representative Gallego have done almost exactly as Camacho's campaign ad alleges.

Some of the more notable verbal punches:

  • Mary Rose Wilcox supported a lawsuit against Ruben Gallego because he was allegedly using a "fake" name -- but the truth was that he changed it to escape the memory of an abusive father.
  • Gallego came back at Wilcox for past land deals and her role in a concession contract at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, accusing her of using her position to "enrich" herself and her family.
  • Wilcox didn't waste time compounding Gallego's gun-related votes that earned him a B+ approval rating from the National Rifle Association.
  • Most recently, they've squabbled over taxes and who isn't paying them.
  • The Democratic Primary should decide who replaces longtime Congressman Ed Pastor in Washington since no Democrat is running in the general election, and neither the Libertarian nor the Independent are expected to be serious contenders in November. Whoever gets a plurality of the votes on August 26 will win the primary.

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