Congressional Dems Scaling Back Ad Budgets for Arizona Candidates

It seems some of Arizona's Democratic members of Congress aren't as vulnerable in their re-election bids as originally anticipated -- at least the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee thinks they're not.

The DCCC reportedly is cutting the advertising budgets of Representatives Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Gabrielle Giffords because their opponents aren't putting up as much of a fight as the organization thought they would.

In total, the Dems put aside $3 million for the three candidates to spend on advertising for their re-election campaigns -- $1.2 million each for Mitchell and Kirkpatrick. These amounts, we learned today, will be scaled back in the coming weeks.

The problem for their Republican opponents, it seems, is that they're not cashing in on the anti-incumbent sentiment that's gripping much of the country right now.

Mitchell is running against former Maricopa County Treasurer David Schweikert, who was forced to drop a boat-load of cash on the Republican primary.

As far as Kirkpatrick's race goes, have you ever heard of dentist Paul Gosar? Apparently not too many people have. He's Kirkpatrick's Republican opponent, and his failure to build noteworthy name recognition reportedly is what's causing the DCCC to cut Kirkpatrick's ad budget.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.