Congressman Jeff Flake: A Class Act (Take Note, Jan Brewer)

Congressman Jeff Flake may be the poorest member of Arizona's Congressional delegation, and he may have flaked on his support of comprehensive immigration reform, but he's still a standup guy -- a class act from whom other Arizona politicos (we won't name names...just kidding -- specifically, Governor Jan Brewer) could learn a thing or two.

The same day Brewer was sticking her finger in the face of President Barack Obama as the two argued on a runway at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Flake held former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' hand as she formally resigned from Congress yesterday.

Hours earlier, as Obama gave his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Flake, who was seated next to Giffords, stood with the congresswoman each time she wanted to join her fellow Democrats in applauding the president -- even as Flake's Republican colleagues remained seated.

Flake didn't stand because he necessarily agreed with the president, he stood to help Giffords, who is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, and often needs assistance to do things most of us take for granted, like stand up.

"Gabby, obviously, still has some limitations physically and so I was supporting her," Flake tells MyFoxPhoenix (see video below). "She knew when she wanted to stand up and applaud and I just wanted to help her there...it was just an honor to be able to sit with her and watch all of it unfold last night."

Flake and Giffords, as we mentioned, are in different political parties. In fact, there was a pretty good chance the two would have run against each other in this year's Senate race (Flake currently is running for the Senate seat getting vacated by retiring Senator Jon Kyl. Prior to last year's Tucson shooting, Giffords was considered a likely Democratic candidate for the same seat).

Despite often disagreeing politically, Giffords and Flake are capable of disagreeing respectfully -- no fingers to the face, name-calling, or vitriol.

Perhaps if Brewer cutback on all the "scorpions for breakfast," and took a cue from leaders like Flake and Giffords, Arizona wouldn't have been humiliated yesterday by its bumbling, arrogant governor...again.

See Flake's interview with MyFoxPhoenix below.

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