Conservative Firebrand Tomi Lahren Is Coming to Metro Phoenix

Tomi Lahren at a conference last month in Dallas. The controversial Fox News personality will visit the Valley this week.
Tomi Lahren at a conference last month in Dallas. The controversial Fox News personality will visit the Valley this week. Gage Skidmore/flickr
Tomi Lahren, a controversial 25-year-old Fox News contributor known for her fiery monologues, is coming to the Valley this week.

Lahren gained notoriety and millions of social media clicks as a host on the conservative One America News Network and later at The Blaze, where she criticized Black Lives Matter, liberals, and the media. Her "Final Thoughts" segments often went viral.

She will appear in Glendale and Mesa on Thursday, July 26, as part of the American Money Tour, a free promotional series from a real estate and investing education company.

An event description says that Lahren will appear alongside Josh Altman, a host on the Bravo program Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Altman is a self-proclaimed luxury real estate "powerhouse" who has fashioned himself as a motivational figure for aspiring real estate moguls and entrepreneurs.

The tour seems to combine elements of Lahren's political spiel ("Push back against the victimhood narrative that impedes personal success!" her bio says) with Altman's real estate experience.

The event sponsor is Prosper Live, a real estate education company that purports to offer training and advice from experts in real estate, using free live events as the entry point for customers.

The two hosts will appear at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale at 10 a.m., followed by a 5 p.m. event at the Mesa Convention Center.

Lahren is despised by many on the left who consider her inflammatory statements as racist. (She has acquired the nickname "White Power Barbie.") On the right, however, Lahren is adored for her rapid-fire delivery and her status as a millennial mouthpiece of conservative thinking.

She has described the Black Lives Matter movement in a now-deleted tweet as the "new KKK." On the Syrian refugee crisis, Lahren has called refugees "rape-ugees," and once posted a photo that said Americans "fight for faith, family and freedom" while "Syrians run away."
Lahren lost her job at The Blaze – a media brainchild of conservative TV and radio personality Glenn Beck – after she expressed support for abortion rights. After the nasty split, Lahren landed at Fox News, where she serves as a talking head on programs like Hannity and delivers her trademark monologues for Fox News Insider.

Like other conservative figures, Lahren has managed to parlay controversy into even more viral fame. Her appearance on The Daily Show, where she sparred (politely, for the most part) with host Trevor Noah, introduced Lahren to a much wider audience beyond the conservative circles who followed her scorching words on the internet.

But the conservative firebrand's visit might not be well-received by many Arizonans.

Lahren's trip to the Valley comes one year after a fellow conservative lightning rod, Milo Yiannopoulos, canceled his visit to Phoenix after he could not find a host venue. At the time, the infamous former Breitbart editor attributed the event's cancellation to "left-wing bullies" who "continue to use the threat of violence."

According to the American Money Tour website, residents are encouraged to come see Lahren and Altman if they are "one of the people who believe that America is finally working for you again."

The event listing says, "America has been primed for a period of prosperity and we want you to create the financial freedom you want and deserve."
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