Convicted Pervert Thomas Reischmann's Wife Charged for Aiding in Weekend Escape Attempt

The wife of a convicted sex offender who escaped custody -- and was promptly caught -- over the weekend has been charged with helping her hubby run from authorities.

Thomas Reischmann, 54, served prison time for rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault. Following his release in 2008, he's been a court-ordered patient of the Arizona State Hospital in Phoenix, where he is required to stay until he is mentally fit to be released.

Reischmann had other plans.

Because of his status in the hospital's "least restrictive alternative program," Reischmann's allowed to leave the hospital for certain outings -- like church, which is where he went yesterday.

Yesterday morning, Reischmann was taken by hospital staff to the Abiding Savior Community Church in Tempe to meet family members for a service.

As the hospital staffer parked the car, Reischmann took off running.

About 10 hours later, Reischmann was caught -- less than two miles from the church -- at a Wal-Mart in Scottsdale.

After investigating the incident, Tempe police determined that Reishmann's wife, Bonnie Reischmann, helped him escape custody.

According to the Tempe Police Department, Bonnie waited in a car down the street from the church. She later told detectives her husband ran up to the car and the two drove off.

Bonnie also copped to renting a car for Reischmann, and putting him up in a motel at 336 West Hampton Road in Mesa.

Bonnie Reischmann's been charged with one count each of hindering and providing false information to law enforcement officials.

Thomas Reischmann faces one count of escape. 

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