Cop Smells Pot While Driving; Phoenix Woman Pulls Bag of Weed and Pipe Out of Her Vagina

A Phoenix cop smelled marijuana coming from a car last week while he was on routine patrol, and that officer ended up finding a bag of weed and a pipe -- after the passenger in the car pulled the items out of her vagina.

The officer didn't see anything in the car in plain view when he pulled over the vehicle, but we can only guess that the officer's suspicion grew when the driver pulled over into the drive-thru of a Burger King, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

It was around 9 a.m. when the officer caught a whiff of the marijuana around Ninth Street and Bell Road, and though he couldn't tell exactly where it was coming from, he noticed that the vehicle in front of him had its windows down and was changing lanes in a "rapid fashion," according to the documents.

Citing reasonable suspicion that this vehicle might be the one emitting the smell of weed, the officer pulled over the driver at a Burger King, although the driver apparently went a bit past the parking lot.

"As I approached the vehicle, I smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside it, even though I didn't see anything in plain view," a probable-cause statement says. "I told the driver to keep the window down and drive approximately 20 feet to get out of the drive-thru of Burger King."

The driver, 25-year-old Alberto Reyna, told the officer he didn't have any marijuana and said he didn't have the right to search the vehicle, either.

The officer detained Reyna and made his passenger, 23-year-old Stephanie Lopez, get out of the car and sit on the curb next to Reyna.

While the officer unsuccessfully searched the car for the marijuana, Lopez made a "spontaneous statement" that the marijuana was in her pants, according to the documents.

Sure enough, Lopez pulled a bag of weed and a glass pipe out of her vagina, the documents state.

Rolling papers were also found, but those were inside the vehicle, according to police.

Lopez said she was hiding the weed for Reyna.

Lopez and Reyna were both booked into jail on marijuana-possession charges, and Reyna faces an additional charge for having handguns with him at the time.

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