Copper Thief Falls Through Ceiling at Phoenix Elementary School; Said to Have "Life-Threatening Injuries"

In what teacher Alex Chambers describes as actions leading to the ultimate failing grade for breaking and entering, an alleged copper thief is in critical condition after falling through the ceiling at Bret Tarver Elementary School in Phoenix.

Teachers at the school found the F-getting thief unconscious on the floor in one of the school's classrooms about 6:45 a.m. today.

Police say he could have been there since at least Saturday and that he was in the school trying to steal copper wiring.

The man, according to police, got into the school through the roof and was in a small area between the roof and the ceiling trying to cut copper wires when the ceiling gave way and he went crashing down to a concrete floor.

Police found about 100 pounds of copper wire on the roof of the building, indicating that the thief had been in other areas of the school, too.

The suspect is described as having suffered "life-threatening head injuries" after the fall and was taken to a local hospital.

Students were taken to Atkinson Middle School next door for classes today so that the results of the break-in can be cleaned up. 

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