Cops Find 400 Pounds of Weed and 49 AK-47s at Phoenix Home

Score one for the good guys -- Phoenix police, responding to a possible fight at a Phoenix home, stumbled upon 400 pounds of weed and enough guns to arm a small drug cartel.

The Phoenix Police Department got a call on Wednesday morning about the fight that was going on at a house at 4100 North 27th Street. When officers got to the house they found no fight -- but they did find 100 pounds of weed and blood stains on the floor.

According to the cops, information obtained at the house led officers to another house at 11200 West Sells Drive, at which officers found an additional 300 pounds of weed.

Information discovered at that house led officers to a third house, at which officers found, among other things, 49 AK-47s.

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Police believe the fight that initially led them to the first house was the result of a home invasion/ drug rip-off gone wrong.

In total, police recovered 49 AK-47s in shipping boxes, six large bins filled with AK-47 banana clips, 400 pounds of weed, two handguns, and three vehicles.

Police made two arrests in connection with the bust. Jorge Armando Valenzuela Hurtado, 27, and Manual Trinidad Casinova-Lopez, 25, were taken into custody.

It's unclear what led police to the two men -- Phoenix police say they will release more information on the bust later this afternoon.

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