Cops Plan to Burn More Than 1,200 Marijuana Plants Found at Yavapai County Grow Spot. Um, Stay Downwind...

When it comes to cool stuff hidden in the woods, cops always seem to find it before people who would put it to good use -- as is the case with about 1,200 weed plants Yavapai County sheriff's deputies found about five miles outside of Crown King.

Rather than smoke it -- like many people would do if they stumbled upon what was essentially a weed farm hidden in the woods -- cops plan to incinerate it.

The YCSO says "anonymous sources" tipped off deputies to a section of forest that was apparently a well-organized marijuana grow spot.

When cops checked it out they found 1,158 pot plants, most of which were over seven feet tall.

Check one out below.

Last Friday, police seized all the weed.

The operation was fairly high-tech for being in the middle of the woods. Police found campsites setup for the caretakers and an sophisticated irrigation system that operated even when those growing the weed weren't around.

No arrests have been made, but police think the site has been operational for at least two years.

In that time, authorities estimate the site allowed its growers to harvest at least 3,000 plants.

The Sheriff's Office says it's keeping some of the weed as "representative samples." The rest of it, which is a whole lot, is gettin' torched. Um, stay downwind...

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