Could Fox News Have Picked Anyone Worse Than Joe Arpaio for an Interview on the Boston Marathon Explosions?

While TV news programs around the country played footage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon, and interviewed witnesses and people with knowledge of the situation, Fox News rolled with a clueless county sheriff from 2,500 miles away.

Of course, Arpaio used the setup for shameless self-promotion: "They're even after the sheriff here," Arpaio told Fox's Neil Cavuto, obviously without the slightest clue as to who "they" are.

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After rambling about border security and his refusal to resign (see the transcript here), Arpaio finished his comments on the dead and wounded people at the marathon by saying, "I'll be the sheriff for many years."

Then, as we considered David Hasselhoff, a 5-year-old picking his nose, and a black-out drunk person who passed out in a Phoenix dumpster, we really couldn't find a reason as to why they're any less qualified than Arpaio to give an opinion on an explosion at the Boston Marathon.

Can you think of anyone worse than Arpaio you'd want to hear from at a time like that?

Cast your vote below:

Yesterday's results: Joe Arpaio's Biggest Danger: Mail Bombs, or Sidewalks?

Mail bombs 1.87%
Sidewalks 98.13%

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