County Attorney Applauds Appointment of Special Master for Ongoing Dispute

You can color us very, very surprised.

We publicly predicted earlier this morning that Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will oppose Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Rebecca Berch's decision to appoint a "special master" to sort through the craziness in this county.

Turns out, we were wrong.

In an email, Thomas' special assistant Barnett Lotstein tells us that not only does the MCAO applaud Berch's decision to intervene — it also applauds her choice of special master, former Chief Justice Ruth V. McGregor.

"The County Attorney appreciates Chief Justice Berch's involvement," Lotstein writes. "Her appointment of former Chief Justice McGregor as a Special Master will go a long way to insure the orderly and impartial administration of justice. That is what is needed and that is what we desire."

What? So McGregor — a Democrat appointed by Governor Jane Hull to the Arizona Supreme Court in 1998 — isn't part of the leftist judicial conspiracy, designed to rob County Attorney Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio of their powers? This has nothing to do with illegal immigration? We won't be expecting a lawsuit to fight her appointment or an appeal to some higher power?


Incidentally, Cari Gerchick, the county's spokeswoman, says that her people, too, are delighted with McGregor's appointment.

"We have total confidence in Chief Justice McGregor's ability to help get Maricopa County's justice system back on track," she tells us. "She's an excellent judge, and her ethics are beyond reproach. We're encouraged that the Supreme Court has made this appointment."

Seriously, this has got to be the first time the county and the county attorney/sheriff have agreed on anything in at least a year. This surprising rapprochement could actually give hope to the Middle East ...

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