County Attorney Gets Stiff Sentence For One Child Killer; Indicts Another Man Suspected of Similar Crime

Murdering little kids is one crime that everyone likes to get tough on.

That's why it's so satisfying to see the  tough sentence in the case of Christopher Langin, (the loser pictured at left), who beat to death a three-year-old girl with disabilities. With natural life plus 27 years, he'll never see the outside world again.

In another case that rips your heart open, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is charging Arturo Frank Delgado, 23, with first-degree murder following the death of his 8-month-old daughter. According to Thomas' news release, Delgado claims he dropped her twice, knocking her out, and he shook her twice to wake her up. The girl had a skull fracture, torn retinas and "extreme bleeding" on the back of her eyes, which is consistent with a strong shaking.

The first-degree murder charge, though, seems like wishful thinking in the Delgado case, unless the news release omitted evidence the crime was premeditated.

Another case of over-charging by Thomas? Perhaps.

But maybe the indictment of Delgado -- like the sentence of Langin -- will make other potential child abusers stop and think before they do something monstrous. -- Ray Stern

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