Crackdown on Illegals is Reducing Crime, County Attorney Claims

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is crediting a recent reduction in the county's crime to a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Of course! Because U.S. citizens never break the law.

According to Thomas, the percentage of illegal immigrants sentenced for felonies dropped by 18.5 percent this year -- not because they stopped breaking the law but because he and his pals in the Sheriff's Office are doing a better job rounding them up and getting them out of here.

"The bottom line of all this is that it's the latest evidence that the population of illegal immigrants in Maricopa County is shrinking because of law enforcement crackdowns," Thomas tells 92.3 (KTAR), "and this is causing a reduction in the number of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes as that pool of people continues to shrink."

Because of the tougher enforcement, Thomas says, illegal immigrants are leaving the area.

"Law enforcement is bringing too much heat on illegal immigration, and that population is responding by leaving in large numbers," he says.

Before risking a sore elbow patting himself on the back so hard, Thomas should consider that the current economy has much to do with illegal immigrants leaving or avoiding the Valley of the Sun. Even American citizens are having trouble finding work in Maricopa County.

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