Criss Angel to Perform Deadly Houdini Stunt in Lake Havasu This Weekend

Criss Angel, the over-dramatic, shirtless "magician" and star of A&E's Criss Angel Mindfreak, is performing a stunt in Arizona this weekend that was once perfected by legendary magic man Harry Houdini.

This weekend, Angel plans to be chained, shackled, handcuffed, wrapped in rope, and lowered into the Colorado River from the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.

Paramedics will be on hand just in case something "goes wrong" and the Lake Havasu Police Department will have four water units to control boat traffic around the bridge as Angel attempts his "death-defying" stunt.

We've seen Angel's show -- nothing ever seems to go wrong, despite the host's over-the-top hyping of the stunts as being "death-defying."

As one of the stunts' producers explained to Robin Leach, of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame, "once submerged, he has only two choices: Escape or drown."

We don't want Angel to drown or anything, but -- after being duped into watching Mindfreak with promises of possible carnage on several occasions, only to be left let down and annoyed by a shirtless "magician" -- we definitely wouldn't mind if he did some real magic and just made himself disappear...forever.

The public is invited to come watch the stunt, so, if you're so inclined, head to the London Bridge in Lake Havasu at noon on Saturday to see if Angel can pull it off, which he will, because it's rigged he always does.

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