D-backs Season in a Nutshell: Dodgers Celebrate Winning Division in Pool at Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks got a knockout punch straight in the kisser from the Los Angeles Dodgers (Los Doyers) yesterday.

Not only did the Dodgers win the NL West title at Chase Field yesterday, but they also celebrated by jumping in the pool in right field -- which is really a symbol of how this season went.

See, everyone in the baseball world's kind of pissy with Diamondbacks fans now, as the response from the team CEO, one of the players, many of the fans, and even the local paper of record, was to call the Dodgers "classless" to hop in the pool. It's easy to smile when they're not the ones getting kicked in the gonads.

The real problem is, there's no way for the Diamondbacks to respond if they were to win the division in Dodger stadium next year. What are they going to do? Jump on all the seats that were suddenly emptied by the eighth inning? Run around in that famous L.A. traffic? Dogpile on Magic Johnson?

All of the local sports teams have had their crappy season-defining moments in recent years. For example, the Suns, already in last place in the Western Conference last year, gave the Houston Rockets a win when Jermaine O'Neal was called for goaltending on the Rockets' game-winning three-point attempt.

The Cardinals' 58-0 loss to the Seahawks was the defining moment of that season, and the Coyotes' season was marked by yet another ownership deal falling through at the beginning of the year (although that problem has since been solved for the time being).

So, yeah, Arizona sports fans are kind of pissy about things at the moment.

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