The truth would set her free...

Damnit, Manet...

This week's Bird tackles the icky issue of Governor Janet Napolitano's sexuality (Birdlink). Personally, I don't think the woman has sex, not even with herself. But if, like the SNL character Pat, she had to choose, it's pretty obvious which outhouse she'd use. Why is this an issue? First, she says she opposes gay marriage, though she's also against Prop 107, the wing-nut-endorsed gay-marriage ban. It took her forever to get vocal in her opposition to Prop 107, and even then, it's only while she says in the same breath that she's against same-sex marriage. I think the woman is a hypocrite. If she were a he, and a closeted gay Republican opposed to gay marriage, how long do you think the media would leave that skunk in the parlor room?

She should come out, and AZ would make history as the first state in the nation to have an openly lesbian governor. She would have a little trouble explaining why she's lied about it for so long. But I think she could salvage that situation with a speech addressing the issue, and saying that she wasn't ready to come out before now. Some religious nuts would hate her, but they hate her already. And the Left would lionize her for her courage. Plus, she'd get to have an open dating life, if she wanted one. Something she doesn't have now.

I doubt she will come out, though. She's too careful (read pusillanimous). But that doesn't mean journos should ignore the issue, especially when it pertains to something like Prop 107.

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