Dan Coleman, Subject of New Times Feature for Beating a Murder Rap, Announces Candidacy for South Mountain JP

A man dubbed by New Times in a 2006 feature as the "Killer Candidate," who beat a murder rap for shooting a woman and then ran for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives, is giving it another shot -- politics, that is.

Dan Coleman announced his candidacy for South Mountain justice of the peace, and that's apparently all he wants us to know about it.

We talked to Coleman yesterday and tried to ask him why he wanted to be the next South Mountain JP, but after some brief stammering, he asked, "Wait, is this an interview?"

No, Dan, we were just calling to chat.

It would have been an interview if Coleman had answered our simple question. Rather, he told us he had to think about it and to call him back today.

We tried Coleman again this morning, but he hasn't gotten back to us.

Because of Coleman's unwillingness to speak with us, here's what we know about candidate Coleman so far: He lives in Laveen, wants to be the South Mountain JP, and once shot an unarmed woman in the head.

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James King
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