Dan Haren Says He Wants To Stay in Arizona as More Teams Show Interest in Diamondbacks Ace

As the days pass, it seems there are more and more rumors surrounding D-Backs pitcher Dan Haren.

With the July 31 trade deadline inching closer and closer, the word around baseball is that Haren probably is going to get traded -- sorry D-Backs fans.

But Haren himself spoke out yesterday, saying he wants to stay here in the desert.

"When it comes down to it, I do want to be here and be a part of winning in Arizona. That's what I was brought here for," said Haren on the Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash show on Thursday. "For me and family, this is the place to be. This is really a baseball player's dream, having Spring Training in your home city and living here year-round."

Haren's profession comes two days after he said he would waive his partial no-trade clause if the right deal was presented.

What will it be Dan? Do you want to stay or go?

Two of the teams on Haren's non-tradable list are the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins (who we mentioned as a possible destination a few days ago). This means Haren would have to give the green light if these teams were to reach a deal with the D-Backs.

The Twins, considered the frontrunners for pitcher Cliff Lee a few weeks ago, may now turn their focus to Haren. The Twinkies are two games out in a heated three-way race in the AL Central and could use Haren to bolster their depth. Offense isn't a problem for this team, as they have Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.

Meanwhile, the Tigers are in the exact same spot as Minnesota -- two games out of first behind the Chicago White Sox. Detroit already has a legitimate ace in Justin Verlander, but the playoff duo of him and Haren would be formidable.

D-Backs President Derrick Hall has gone on record saying the haul in return for Haren needs to be a pretty spectacular one.

"It would need to be, in our opinion, an A-plus deal," Hall said. "I think ideally what we would ask for is Major League-ready pitching, be it starters and/or bullpen and prospects. Volume doesn't matter, it doesn't need to be four, five, or six guys -- it's really about the quality."

Whether or not teams (such as Detroit and Minnesota) would be willing to provide top-notch deals is yet to be seen. Haren has two years and an option year left on his current deal.

Just throwing our two-cents out there, we think Haren will be traded before the deadline hits next week. We're not fortune tellers so we don't know where, but the Tigers or Twins wouldn't surprise us.

But the Snakes better get back some good, young pitching in return. Or any players that will make future seasons less depressing than this one.

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