Dan Quayle Spills the Beans on His Son's Arizona Congressional Aspirations

As New Times reported on January 29, there were rumors floating around that Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice-President Dan Quayle, was planning on running for Congress. Those rumors, we find out today, were true.

Ben Quayle didn't make the announcement himself, though. His pops let the cat out of the bag on Fox News this morning.

Quayle told Fox that his son was planning on running for the district three seat, currently held by John Shadegg.

According to Quayle, his son is the "next generation of leadership."

"We are convinced that he will be successful and we're very hopefully that he'll be the next congressman for the 3rd congressional district," the elder Quayle says. "I'll do whatever he wants me to do or whatever he doesn't want me to do."

Ben Quayle did not immediately return our call.

Quayle is joining an already jam-packed field of possible Republican candidates.

So far, some of the possible GOP candidates expressing interest are rookie politician and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, who bailed on his campaign for governor to announce a run for Shadegg's seat, Tom Smith, founder of the TASER stun-gun company, and Senators Jim Waring and Pam Gorman.

According to polls released this morning, Waring leads any possible candidate by double digits.

We'll see how those numbers shift now that baby Quayle is in the race -- according to his dad, anyways.

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